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need an artist

2010-08-29 14:52:44 by ninjakid1222

I have a great idea and all i need is someone who is good at art i just wanted to have a image of my dream. Well my dream is to create a bleach character from my fantasy his name is Koal Karasama captain of Squad 14. He has six swords or zanpakuto, this is extremely rare for a soul reaper in the soul society since they normally have only one but he is not ordinary in the least. Besides the zanpakuto he also has a hollow mask which i cant exactly picture so i will leave it up to the person who will help. I would like him to have kinda long black hair and a scar or two. He is about 5' 11'' an average weight so not too fat and not too skinny. If it would not be much trouble i would like to have a picture of him standing next to another one of himself with the mask on his face. Please if anyone can help me I would appreciated the help in making my dream bleach character. Below is a pic of Squad 14's symbol if you can put it on the captain uniform it would also be appreciated thanks to all who are willing to help and I hope you can make my dream a reality.

need an artist


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